Based on:

Mercedes - Benz  V - Class V300


The finest luxury cars in the world


The KLASSEN ® is the world's leading supplier of luxury, V. I. P and business vehicles. Our 100% handcrafted interiors are individually designed according to customer wishes in Germany at KLASSEN ® and are unsurpassed in today's automotive industry. As the body manufacturer of Daimler AG, we are able to refine Mercedes Benz V-Classes in particular and offer them an unsurpassed range as a customer. All vehicles which are converted with us are listed with Mercedes Benz and retain the factory warranty

(new vehicle without registration).

Unique operation

Our V.I.P V-Classes have a unique I-Drive Touch control with which you can intuitively operate the entire multimedia and entertainment system. It's all designed so you don't need remote controls, smartphones or

the like to control it. Everything is simply clear and functional. You have the possibility to create your own

custom-made vehicle according to the vehicle concepts offered by us.

Luxurious interior

and sporty design

The entire interior is equipped with exclusive KLASSEN ® fine leather in the in-house saddlery. There are almost no limits to individual customer wishes with regard to the design of the interior.


based on the current Mercedes-Benz V-Class of the

W 447 model series also looks extravagant from the outside. In order to make the face even more striking, the KLASSEN ® designers developed attachments for the side air intakes and a front spoiler that is attached to the lower part of the bumper.