based on:

Mercedes-Benz  G - Class   ( MJ2020)

Armoured Mercedes G-Class SUV Bulletproo

KLASSEN  BUNKER  vehicle level VR7 
based on MB G-Class 463 A (MY 2020)

Highest protection efficiency, certified
Development from the inside out
Safeguard Shell


Self-contained, self-supporting, bolted structural cell
Building the body around

KLASSEN Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG G63
KLASSEN Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG G63

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Armoured Mercedes G-Class w 464 SUV
Armoured Mercedes G-Class w 464 SUV

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Armoured Cars Vehicles SUVs Armored Cars
Armoured Cars Vehicles SUVs Armored Cars

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KLASSEN Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG G63
KLASSEN Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG G63

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Protection class VR7  BUNKER

The " BUNKER " means: Explosion certification roof, floor and side
Roof: 2 x DM 51
Floor: 1 x HG 85, options: reinforced floor 2 x HG 85 / Tank protection against fire (Safe Seal) /

  Mine protection for the tank (2 x HG 85)
Side: Blast with 12,5 kg TNT, distance 4 m, height 1 m

Armoured Mercedes G SUV Bulletproof base

• Self-contained, self-supporting, bolted structural cell ("Safety" design)
• Hot formed steel bars (reduced welding costs means improved heat and blast performance /

welds weaken the steel by 30%, weight reduction due to less overlap, fiber bakings and use of milled          blanks)
• Bullet resistant supply ducts from inside to outside
• Use of fabric structures, fiber structures, ceramic and metallic composites
• 3D printed protection elements (innovation)
• Complete glazing made of bullet-proof glass, glass and polycarbonate sandwich construction, perfect image quality, impressive soundproofing
• Window lifter front left and right
• Chassis adaptation (adapted springs and torsion bar, custom-made shock absorbers, reinforced axle components)
• Reinforced brakes (specially made high-performance brake discs, brake calipers and brake pads for front axle and rear axle)
• Wheels in KLASSENSafety design (complete new rim development with increased load capacity)
• Tires with run-flat system (increased load capacity index, emergency run range 80 km at 50 km/h)

KLASSEN ® Technical data

• Permissible total weight: 4.300 - 4.500 kg, maximum load: above the standard level

KLASSEN ® Certifications and validations

• Extensive validation of the entire vehicle to OEM standard, instead of just testing the materials used
• Certified by accredited, German Beschußamt
• Testing of durability, fatigue strength, driving dynamics

KLASSEN ® Equipment variants

• MGR_1              Maintaining of the series-interior
• MGR_2              Heavy-duty, application-specific interior (seats, door panels, floor, lashing eyes, etc.)
• MGR_3              VIP Interior made by KLASSEN

• MGR_4              VIP STRETCHED CAR  by KLASSEN  +580mm

KLASSEN ® Optional Equipment

•  Fire extinguishing system

•  fresh air system with ABC filter
•  anti-drone system

•  jammer for GSM

•  GPS

KLASSEN ® Approval

•  Maintaining the original MB chassis number

•  parts assessment / single approval §21
•  (WMI) - World manufacturer Identifier

KLASSEN ® Prices (net price plus VAT) entry-level variant "MGR_1" and discounts

• List price KLASSEN ® Safety VR7  armouring kit for MB G-model from MY 2019 ff. incl. assembly

€  195.000
KLASSEN verlängert das Luxus-Limousine  Basierend auf: Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse um 580mm
Armored Cars Vehicles  in Germany by KLASSEN ®

Unrivalled ​Timeless individual pieces
The trust and satisfaction of our customers has made us what we are

today - a leader in our industry!

The refined vehicles from KLASSEN® - Automobile impressively demonstrate the perfect composition of a unique piece that you can appreciate: classic modern, technically perfect - and a little extravagant at the same time. Because every individually manufactured vehicle is manufactured to the most exact specifications of each individual customer according to his personal wishes.