Using the high engineering and production standards applied by the automotive industry, KLASSEN® Armouring engineers and manufactures armoured vehicles as well as ready-to-fit armouring kits for exclusive limited editions from German vehicle manufacturers. Our armouring is produced using pre-certified, high-quality ballistic materials and monitored by an efficient quality management system. Our mission is a “zero error strategy” so as to ensure your complete safety no matter what the danger. At the same time, we combine the highest comfort standards with safety features. Aside from armoured off-road vehicles / SUVs, our armouring portfolio includes ballistically protected security trucks, rescue vehicles, military vehicles and many other versions and models.

For over 20 years, KLASSEN®  Armouring has specialised in supplying security products to UN organisations (NGOs), government agencies, VIPs, police forces, justice authorities, banks and security firms across the globe.

The armoured vehicles aside, we also offer an after-sales service, such as driver training courses using armoured vehicles, technical training courses, safety checks, inspections, repairs and spare parts delivery directly to the place of deployment.

Needless to say, customised armoured vehicle models are also available on request.

Bulletproof Mercedes-AMG G63 Is A Tough Guy`s G-Wagon. If owning an AMG G63 is a bit dangerous for you, here`s an option.

One can`t deny that owning a Mercedes-AMG G63 is a tough person`s tendency, but nothing is tougher than what this aftermarket company has done to the  G-Wagon

Mercedes G-Klasse Schutzklasse VR7 BUNKER

Das „ BUNKER “ bedeutet: Sprengteschnische Zertifizierung Dach, Boden und Seite
• Dach: 2 x DM 51
• Boden: 1 x HG 85, Optionen: Verstärkter Boden 2 x HG 85 / Tankschutz gegen Beschuss (Safe Seal) / Minenschutz für den Tank (2 x HG 85)
• Seite: Ansprengung mit 12,5 kg TNT aus 4 m Entfernung in 1 m Höhe

KLASSEN BUNKER  vehicle level VR7 
based on MB G-Class 463 A (MY 2020)

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